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A PACKAGE OF 6 Self-Watering Striped Glass Pots with a wick (plant not included) - 550ml


Here you are getting six of our striped self-watering pots. The pot has the same size as the clear small pot. The striped feature makes it stand out and command attention. The compact design makes it a perfect gift to fit any part of the house.

CUP O FLORA® is an award-winning self-watering glass pot that allows the plant self-absorb water through a wick from the outer bowl. Unlike other self-watering products, the pot's clear design makes it easy to gauge the water level.


External pot

Colour: Clear (striped)

 diameter: 11.2 cm

 height: 8.6 cm

Internal cup

 diameter: 5.6 cm

 height: 6.2 cm

*Wick included

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COF 550 Striped Mini African Violet.jpg
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