Frequently Asked Questions

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Q How often do I have to fill my CUP O FLORA®?

There is no hard or fast rule to watering. Frequency will depend on the type of plant, its position, the weather and other factors. Commonly, the pot requires filling between one and three weeks. Fortunately, thanks to the pot’s clear design you simply need to look at the water reservoir and fill it if it’s empty.

Q I am going away for a few weeks. Will my plant survive?

On the odd occasion where you are away for a prolonged period of time, fill half the external pot with water so that the plant is sitting in water. This will keep the plant hydrated for a few more weeks and increase its chance to survive. Once you are back, drain any leftover water and refill with only 2 cm of water.

Q Are all plants suitable to grow in a CUP O FLORA®?

There are many varieties that thrive in the CUP O FLORA's environment. These include succulents, herbs, tropical plants and many more. Other plants may not tolerate too much water and will not be suitable for the pot. Fortunately, the shops that sell CUP O FLORA pots will be able to recommend the right plant for your pot. The most popular varieties can be viewed here.

Q My CUP O FLORA plant has grown too big. Can I trim it?

Please e-mail for a specific advise on how to correctly trim your plant.

Q Do I need to fertilise my CUP O FLORA plant?

CUP O FLORA comes with 6-months' worth of slow-release fertiliser already in the soil. After that, you can purchase slow release fertiliser from your nearest garden centre and sprinkle a pinch on top of the soil.

Q My apartment does not get much sun. Will my plant survive?

Yes! Choose your plant carefully and make sure they are positioned close to a window. Plants like Peace Lily will be most suitable to this type of environment.

Q I was away and my plant's reservoir dried up. What should I do?

Don't worry. Even once the reservoir is empty the plant still has plenty of water inside its cup. First fill the reservoir with water. To wet the roots more quickly, you may also water the plant from the top.

Q Where can I purchase CUP O FLORA pots?

Please visit the WHERE TO BUY page to find your nearest retailer.

Q How big is CUP O FLORA?

CUP O FLORA comes in two sizes: Small (11 cm wide and 8 cm tall) and Large (14 cm wide and 12 cm tall). Visit the POT RANGE page for exact measurements and images.

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