Coriandrum sativum


A native of Iran, Coriander is a popular herb used in Mexican, Indian and other cuisines. the fresh leaves can be used in a salads and stews. When given the right conditions, the stems grow to approximately 10 cm to 20 cm.

Setting up your CUP O FLORA Gift O Herbs

Download or print a pdf here

  1. Open the package and separate the materials.

  2. Pour the clay balls out of the insert and rinse in water until the water runs clean.

  3. Thread the wick through the hole in the insert so that half of it is inside, then place clay balls back into the insert.

  4. Place the coil pallet in the external cup and pour warm water. Let it soak in water until it has fully expended.

  5. Place a portion of the expended coir on top of the clay balls and fluff it with a fork. The soil should remain below the rim.

  6. Add carbon and mix with the coir.

  7. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on top of the soil and cover with a thin layer of leftover soil.

  8. Add approximately 2 cm of water to the outer cup and let the wick pull it up to the seeds.

  9. Place your CUP O FLORA® in a well-lit area, but limit direct sunlight to no more than one hour per day until the seeds have germinated (usually two to three weeks.)

  10. Once the seeds have germinated, top up the water level, add the fertiliser and mix it with the water.

  11. Thin out the seedlings, leaving the strongest 3 to 5 in the pot. The surplus seedlings can be put in the ground or added to the salad.

  12. Top up the water if required so there is always some in the cup.

  13. Harvest the herbs, rinse, and use in pasta, salad or stir-fry.

Sad plant indicators

Drooping leaves: The herb is not getting enough water. Ensure that there is water at the reservoir.

What to with your pot after you harvest the herbs

  • Go to your friendly nursery and ask them for a plant suitable for a CUP O FLORA. The top varieties are here and you could check out Instagram for more ideas.

  • Cut a piece of your favourite succulent and plant it as it is inside the clay balls, and leave it in a well lit or slightly sunny place. It will grow roots in no time.

  • Order some seeds and coir and repeat.