Plant Gallery

CUP O FLORA is host to a large variety of plants. From foliage to blooming varieties and from delicate herbs to hardy succulents, it's easy to match your pot with a plant.

Here are a few that our experts recommend.


African Violet


A beautiful flowering plant with white, pink or purple flowers.

Light: Bright light but no direct sunshine.

Humidity: Low to medium humidity. Do not mist as water may damage leaves.

Fun Fact: The mini variety (pictured) looks great in the small pot, while the medium sized Violet fit nicely into the large pot.

Peace Lily

A popular indoor plant suitable for a home or office environment.

Light: Bright light but no direct sun.

Humidity: High humidity. Mist occasionally to promote healthy leaves.

Optimal Temperature: 18-32°C (plant will tolerate temperatures between 8-35°C but is not frost-resistant).

Fun Fact: A tall white flower will emerge if you keep the plant on the window sill but away from direct sun.


Parlour Palm


A slow-growing indoor plant with fan-shaped leaves

Light: Bright light. No more than 2 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Humidity: This palm will tolerate low to high humidity. Mist occasionally to promote healthy leaves.

Optimal Temperature: 20-27°C (the plant will tolerate lower temperatures but may not grow new leaves).

Fun Fact: New leaves will emerge from the centre of the stem.


An easy-to-grow plant featuring colourful leathery leaves.

Light: Bright light. A minimum of 3 hours of direct sun each day will enhance leaves’ colour.

Humidity: High humidity. Mist daily if possible.

Optimal Temperature: 18-29°C

Fun Fact: A native of the tropics, Crotons are found naturally in Southeast Asia and the Americas.


Lucky Bamboo


A popular indoor plant that can grow in soil or water.

Light: Grow in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight.

Humidity: Normal humidity.

Optimal Temperature: 18-32°C

Fun Fact: The plant can grow without soil. Use pebbles the stabilise the stems and feed with a liquid fertiliser once every two months.



Hardy plants with a variety of flowers and leaves.

Light: Bright light. Plants will thrive if given several hours of direct sunlight each day.

Humidity: Prefer low humidity.

Optimal Temperature: 18-35°C.

Fun Fact: leaves change from green to red when exposed to the sun.